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Can someone help me with some setting who might work for extreme pelvis pain?

Try the following sets if what you are running does not prove to be fully effective.

Setup using JW - Killing (Contact) for use with the TENS pads on opposite sides of the pelvis.

Arthritus Rheumatoid (CAFL)
Bursitis (CAFL)
Minerals - Calcium (CUST)
Minerals - Chromium (CUST)
Nerve Pain (XTRA)

Suggest to run this twice a day. Takes 01:19:00 to complete.

If after the above sets, you still have server pain, try the following as the above is used to try and target the source of the pain but may not alleviate it immediately.

You can run these either via contact or remote. Use JW - Healing (Remote/Contact) as required. Use a dwell multiplier of .35 for remote to bring the time down to 02:16:30 per loop. Repeat as long as needed on a white remote.

If you decided to use contact, you may wish to use a dwell multiplier of .35 as well, as the total runtime otherwise is 06:30:00.

Analgesic Pain Relief (XTRA)
Joint Pains (XTRA)
Nogier E (CUST)
Nogier G (CUST)

Since I have arthritis in my neck (stage 1 some 20 years ago), I have been hunting down what will work best.

From digging into those first two sets, it appears that they are targeting pathogenic factors. Granted the two minerals may work better using a square wave (healing) than inverted sawtooth, but the above setup was the last one I have worked with and has worked the best for me.

Nerve Pain also may be better with a square wave, but I wanted to concentrate on the source with this set more than alleviating symptoms.

Of major note, I actually use those sets with Manuel's MOD InvSawtooth waveform, which is inverted sawtooth calibrated to take attenuation into account via contact delivery. It uses the golden ratio in its design.

With that said, the inverted sawtooth which is the waveform used by JW - Killing (Contact) should still be a great starting place since installing custom waveforms is a bit of a more complex tasks to walk users through.

For more details, please check:

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