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I would like to know if anyone has experience in using any of the Nogier frequencies. If so, which one(s), and what was your outcome?

1. When I ran Lyme protocol, I ran all frequencies as one program. My stomach was hurting so much and felt sick pain that I had to quit. Ran each one for 2 days. No issues.

2. I find the Lyme die-off so much worse than the condition itself. Although I've been mainly focused on herbs, I do use the Spooky system as a support. Just hard to know where to start some days. You might find this article of interest. It describes the changes of spirochetes into spore-like critters. I'd recommend starting on p. 27; the Lyme spirochetes and cysts start on p. 28:

3. Lyme wreaks havoc re: my gums & teeth; Lyme loves dark moist areas - my very 1st HERX involved that part of my body - if only there had been Spooky, back then! Recently I began herxing w/ issues showing up in my mouth, but Spooky eased the misery. By the way, I set the black remote to Sine H Bomb wave, Amp @ 15 (good thing I didn't set it any higher).

4. And set F2=F1 @ 11. And always, on white remote I am sure to include "detox liver kidneys lymph intestines". Don't forget Borrelia Spirochete Inhabited Microbes XTRA, and Lyme Spirochete Inhabited Microbes XTRA.

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