Will a person suffer the same disease if his sample is stored with others' who have disease?

My experience is that Remotes do affect the area around, and this was discovered by accident. One person was treated for constipation and two others (unrelated) reported "effects" in the same week.

For samples, such as bits of the tooth, I regularly place these on top of the remote, rather than between the coils and I get the same effect as if I had put it between the coils. (similarly for Plasma of course)

I think there would have to be some external energy passing between DNA sample (1) and (2) for there to be any information transfer; I haven't to date had issues with DNA samples stored next to each other otherwise (so far).

I have heard some say in the past not to leave DNA on top of magnets (remote) even if the generator is turned off (in theory the DNA will be getting constant information from the magnet and that is not necessarily a good thing).

So, I always remove samples from remotes when not running programs just in case there is any truth to this.

At the end of the day we are all connected, and what is proximate will have more impact, so there could be something to this, but I'd check for any energy sources around first.

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