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Why a custom created frequency set being run through Spooky2 Central is not running as intended to be run?

The Spooky2 Central has a frequency limit of 100 kHz to 3.5 MHz for the tube to light.
Accordingly, the frequency limits are set to the same.

Any frequency that is below 100 kHz has to be raised using the harmonic type to just over 100 kHz.

Additionally, the Spooky2 Central requires the amplitude of 5 volts. Nothing more, nothing less, with a positive offset.

By using the code 740 A9 0100, Spooky2 will first change the amplitude to 5. If you have bypassed the Spooky2 Central protection, and are in fact sending 9 volts, please stop. Second, it will adhere to the positive offset request as this is required. If you failed to specify it, it would have been changed.

As for the frequency, the default harmonic type is most likely Octal depending on what template you started with.

This means that the frequency will be doubled (octaves) until it is over the minimum frequency limit.
740 just happens to double to 189440 Hz.

If you use the low frequency template, it would then use 188700 Hz (189440 - 740) as the modulation frequency. If you use the beat frequency template, the results would be the same, but the #s will be different as the waveform has two cycles embedded.

Please see the following for additional understanding of what is going on.

Harmonics Explained:

For more details, please check:

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