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What treatments benefit from enabling Amplitude Wobble and Frequency Wobble or what settings to use for these?

My understanding is that pathogens can change their shape when under attack and hence change their resonant MOR frequency slightly so by using frequency wobble and amplitude wobble helps in killing these critters.

Generally I will run a killing modality directly for the first 3 days to a week before adding a frequency wobble or feather. This gives you more direct time with the recorded frequency to do it's job, for which you can then follow up with a wobble to catch strays.

As for amplitude wobbles, I generally do not use them often preferring to try various amplitudes first to find what works best for a particular target. I start out with 20v for 3 days, then try 10v for 3 days, then 5v. Once we have dialed in the amplitude that generates the best perceived reaction, I continue using that amplitude until it needs to be revised.

You can of course combine as many options as you wish, but suggest that you only change one variable at a time and give it 3 days to register. If you find that it is more potent, then keep the change. If it did nothing or lessened the effect, then you can remove it.

I should also state that one should not use the wobbles with the Spooky Central Plasma, and actually both options are disabled if your generator is marked as being used with the SC.

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