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Can I use other Rife units within the Spooky2 Central with the same efficacy?

Spooky2 Central can use this very same modulation approach. in fact, there are several JW presets using this modulation technique. You can download Spooky2 Central's user's guide and study it from here: http://www.spooky2.com/downloadsPage/index.html

When you use the modulation approach on your Spooky2 Central, you're getting almost the same spectrum of frequencies as Hoyland did.

With Spooky2 Central, you can use also plain freqs, without any modulation. If you know the exact MOR, you can focus all the energy on it, because sidebands become less powerful as they get apart from the carrier.

There is an Input port for the freq you want as the main (carrier) freq, and another input port to be feed with the freq to be used as the modulating freq.

So if you want to use a 3.3 Mhz carrier modulated to 21275, you can do it simply by using these freqs in Out1 and Out2 respectively, and connect Out1 to the Frequency port of Spooky2 Central, and Out2 to its Modulation port. You will get from your plasma bulb, as Rife did with his 1930 machine, the freq 3,214,900Hz as the 4th lower sideband (the cancer BX virus primary freq for this machine).

Also, you're mixing apples and oranges: sidebands and harmonics are not the same (in concept). Hoyland method used the sidebands coming from his modulation process, but also produced a number of harmonics. Harmonics are mainly coming from the waveform used, as you can see here:

I haven't purchased freqs from dnafrequencies.com, but I am almost sure that they don't need Hoyland's method for their freqs to work. Also, I am sure that they need the harmonics produced by the waveform the user selects, as every freq in the database needs. Harmonics are the key for all this to work. That is the reason for the waveforms used being so important.

For more details, please check the link:

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