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What to do about blinking channel numbers? I just did the April update and 2 out of 3 generators got stuck ( not responding ) and I got flashing "X" in my channel boxes. Any thoughts?

This is a sign that Spooky2 is unable to communicate with the generator whose Channel button is flashing the X. This normally only happens when the generators are too close to Spooky Central's plasma tube, or are not protected by Dick Ring USB cables. But it can also have other causes, usually related to Windows ineptitude.

If you are seeing 2 of your generators with Xs now, that means that at least one command did not make it to the generator.

To fix it:
Firstly, please make sure all of the generators have power from their DC adapter. If you have a hub that has power-input that should also be connected.

1. Quit Spooky2 and restart the PC.

2. While it's rebooting, turn off all generators using their power switches, and leave them off for at least 15 seconds.

3. When the PC gets to the log-in screen or the Desktop, turn the generators on again, log in, then relaunch Spooky2.
- go to the UTIL on the file line and check for errors.

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