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In the descending colon, it appears I have ulcerative colitis, transverse appears ok, ascending colon has a mass which was biopsied as cancer.

1. When you hear the news that you have cancer it blows you away and you go into panic mode. I know. I also went into panic mode when they told me I had cancer. When in panic mode you make irrational decisions. This reaction at times cause more harm than the cancer and/or your irrational decisions and what you then do can cause the same harm.

I would recommend that you give yourself first time to treat yourself with rife before considering surgery. It would also be good if you could postpone the scans for at least a week to give you the opportunity to run rife programs. In this way you can see and have proof if the rife programs worked or not.

Tumors in the colon can be one of several causes which make it difficult to know which to treat first. I do not know what devices you have available but I would recommend running the following to start with:

Detox 1 Toxins in the intestines - CAFL
Polyps - 2720,2489,2170,2127,2008,1800,1600,727,690,666,650,625,600,465,444,522,146 - 3 min each.
Diverticulitis Acute - CAFL

2. Some sites about Paw Paw vs Graviola might be worth investigation.
Always doubt check to see if one isn't just selling snake oils.


For more details, please check the link:

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