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I have been using Spooky2 with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a month. Last night she awoke with a lot of pain. I heard that you should take a break once in a while which we had not done. Is this the cause of her symptoms worsening?

1. If your friend is willing you may try the other type of remote for short-time (1 day) and see if it brings any relief again without pain. Some of my family are on MN remotes most of the time but occasionally I need to swap over for a couple of days.

If this doesn't bring any relief then I would suspect that this new pain is nothing to do with Spooky.

2. Are you using a black Remote? These have been known to produce such results for some people (including me).

Carpal tunnel isn't something you must treat for life. Normally, when symptoms disappear, you should allow a few extra days, then simply stop. I tried running a dental program non-stop for a month or so. It cleared up all my problems, so I thought I'd leave it running as a prophylactic. Then I started to get pains in my jaw. Once I stopped, they did, too.

3. Together with spooky treatment for your carpal tunnel, how about wearing the carpal tunnel brace available from drug stores. Just suggesting this brace has helped me a lot.

4. You may check this as an alternativ:

5. Carpal tunnel, why is it there?
Inflammation but, why is it inflammed?
Over worked? Toxins? Injury? or infection? Mold or fungal or pathogens or EMF Smog?

Does the Full Moon cause it to re-occur? Is it cyclical like every 3 weeks?

I thought I had carpal tunnel until I started using rife for pathogens and it is pretty much absent. It visited like clockwork every 3 weeks and flares on full moon

If you can access one with a biomeridian, asyra, bicom or similar device you might get help or muscle test for issues, or dowse?

Check out the Curezone site for issues that might find you frequencies to test.
Here's 12 pages of things to research

6. My wife has carpal tunnel - largely due to Lyme. A couple of members recommended the Spooky cold laser wrist attachment for this.

For more details, please check the link from:

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