I ask you for help as my daughter was diagnosed with brain tumor in MRI test recently, (about 4cm in size). Soon after the surgery was done to remove the tumor.

1. Chemo rarely works in the brain because of the unique blood barrier, although, I believe there are new ways of breaching the barrier, I wouldn't want to risk that.

If you are going to choose the radiotherapy route then there are radioprotectors and radiosensitizers that make tumor cells more susceptible to radiation damage, while also protect normal tissues from the damaging effects of radiation. Life Extension has an excellent article with supplement suggestions and alternative treatments such as Hyperbaric Oxygen and Proton Beam.

See: http://www.lifeextension.com/Protocols/Cancer/Radiation-Therapy/Page-01

The following are excellent supplements:

Goldenseal - Berberine
Boswellia AKBA
CoEnzyme Q10
Vitamin D
Genistein - Soy Isoflavones
Melatonin (5 mg. nightly),
Vitamin K

2. There are lots of frequency suggestions, but proven things that have actually worked is another matter.
If it was me; I'd be trying a continuous sweep from around 7.5Hz to 12.5 Hz using the magnetic BN remote, sine wave, low amplitude say 2v, with a duration of each sweep around 20mins. This will take in schumann resonance frequency, and should act as gentle entrainment.

Some people also say 10Hz is good for PEMF frequency. I think this is the better approach then trying to go after some bad-guy (tumor); but rather work on enhancing the life-force (immune system). Think in terms of containment; via magnetic effect.

You will need to come up with some way of knowing whether a frequency is beneficial or not; tracking progress is the real challenge. If you see nothing happening then my experience is that you are probably not making any progress.

Good signs are along the lines of symptoms reducing, or being generally happier, more talkative.

As David C said above, initial results (within 3-4 months) of chemo and radiation do appear good, tumor did shrink at the 6 month point; but that was marginal and once-off result.

It could well have been the larger number of MRI scans during that period that could also have had an impact; which is an interesting thought. I'd suggest to look into PEMF some more. (You can also look at Novocure's website for inspiration with this technology, www.novocure.com)

I'm not sure whether brain tumors are to be considered as being a cancer; its an open-question.

For more details, please check the link:

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