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Can Spooky2 solve garden problems such as blister mites?

There are no frequencies for blister mites in the database. Neither are there any for ants. Yet I've just removed yet another ant invasion from my kitchen.

Well, just like us, insects have bacterial and fungal symbionts in their gut to help them digest food. The sweep kills these very quickly, and suddenly the pests are starving to death in the midst of plenty.

Outdoor infestations are far more likely to be composed of insects from many different gene pools, so only those genetically related to the transmission insect will be affected.

Nevertheless, it's certainly worth a try. The Spooky2 Spectrum Sweep kills pathogens, known and unknown. It should only have beneficial effects on the tree. However, you can dispense with using the leaf and simply use the sticky side of the masking tape to pick up some insect specimens from it. A good magnifying glass will help to find them on the leaves.

Forum Member Elizabeth Knight has kindly provided photographic evidence that Remote Mode works to kill insects for which no frequencies are known:

For more details, please check the link:

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