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My daughter has the rash on her face, upper body, her bottom, left arm and left thigh. It's possible this is the result of a viral infection, we just got over the flu. Since I am running the scabies on DW killing, could I add the Psorinum (CAFL)?

You can add Psorinum to the Scabies Program (I'd also add Morgellons Itch) - but make sure that you use the H-Bomb Square waveform. This works for killing and for healing.

Just watched a video about how some people have developed severe life threatening reactions to the Cochineal cactus beetle food dye also called Carmine.

It is used it MANY foods and the label is not clear as to the source of the food coloring. Steps are being taken to try and force the mfg to list the source of dyes. Of course lobbyists have $$$ so they can prevent labeling like GMOs aren't either.

For some it started as a minor issue and progressed rapidly.
Nothing to mess around with so, maybe a test to see if they are reacting to that?
I had great results using a Homeopathic remedy from bee venom (Apis mellifica) for severe skin rash. Cleared it in under 10 minutes.

For more details, please check the link:

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