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Do you have maybe experience or suggestions regarding using spooky2 or other method to help recover from skin burn 2nd degree. Burn was on right hand because of air bag.

1. The optimum way to treat burns is with Contact Mode - but you must do it as soon as possible after the accident.

I used the database frequencies after I tipped a pan of smoking hot coconut oil all over the back of my hand and fingers. I quickly wiped the oil off with a paper towel, then set the machine up immediately - finger tips touching one Hand Cylinder, and wrist resting on the other. As I watched, my hand unclenched - it had contracted into a claw - and after 10 minutes, the searing pain was gone.

After another 10 minutes, I went to clean up and cook dinner, then spent the evening typing at the computer as normal. Next day, almost all the red skin was back to normal, with a couple of peeling patches like sunburn. There were no scars, and no more pain.

2. Try contact mode over the colloidal silver output of the boost 2.0 add-on.
Use a square wave with 4 Hz and +100 offset on output1 and -100 offset on output 2. Mark the "inverse and sync" option in the spooky2 software.

Set the amplitude to 1V and rise it up to the point at that you can feel something. Then reduce the voltage to the point where you can feel nothing again. Do it 10 minutes with a 10 minutes pause. Tree times at a day.

If the skin at the contact pads is getting red, then reduce the amplitude and/or try to get a better contact. Use silver colloid to disinfect the skin.

3. Check for the use of Honey in burns.

and check for the essential oil Lavender

4. Successes for burns have been reported by proper use of a "Scenar" type device. Several brands are available, Scenar, Cosmodic, Avazzia, DiaDens, Denas and more. Even Homeopathy has been reported to work IF you find the correct remedy, Rx by a trained practitioner.

The most recent Hot Topic on the forum, FSM, Frequency Specific MicroCurrent would be another good one to try if you can find a practitioner.

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