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How to set two generators up to run?

1. Setup one generator and start it. Use the Quick Start Guide to do this. Follow the same list of instructions but choose the second generator icon when you Overwrite Generator in the Control tab.

2. When you use the two generators at the same time. You can choose a killing program and then go to the control page, tick overwrite generator and then tick one of the buttons. Then tick start this time, please go back to choose a detox program and then go to the control page, tick overwrite generator and then tick the other button. Then tick start. If you still have this question, please connect me, we can arrange the time to doing Teamviewer so that I can show you how to do this. 

For more details, please check the link:

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    J Cz

    I can only find the "parallel pathogen processing" related to using in combination with remote. Is it also possible to run one generator with contact mode and the second generator with PEMF coil at the same time? Or two different contact presets with two generators in parallel?

    thank you!

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