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Does anyone have experience with how long it takes to run a Spooky Converge Sweep and any advice on how to shorten it? Does the Spooky Converge Sweep require 2 XM generators?

Use the Create Spectrum Sweep under the the File menu to create a custom Spectrum Sweep. To shorten it, reduce frequency range between the Spectrum Low And High Frequency. For example, Jeff Kaczor suggested a sweep between 76KHz and 880KHz to cover the Hulda Clark pathogens here. A spectrum sweep with this range is only 55 minutes. Or you can reduce Frequency Application Time.

The Converge Sweep does not require 2 XMs. You need either 2 remotes, or Spooky Boost. Or you can create your own Spectrum sweet with the "Create Single Spectrum Sweep - uses Out1" option if you only have one remote.

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