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Is there anyone who is using the generator without the boost cable who is willing to share their experiences on the success of healing without the boost?

When using the remote, the effect of not using a boost is the same as if you cut the amplitude in half -- in reference to when using the inverse+sync option with the boost.

So if you were running the remote at 20v boosted (40v peak to peak), and change it to 10v boosted (20v peak to peak), this would be the equivalent of running the remote without the boost at 20v (also 20v peak to peak).

It is far easier to just change your amplitude than to unwire the boost. I have many programs that I run using less than maximum amplitude and with good results.

In some cases, others that I have spoken to have found that less amplitude sometimes works better than maximum. I usually have them try 10v then 5v, for at least 3 days each to register the effects. From this, they are able to fine tune the amplitude to what works best for them. I especially like running healing modalities with less amplitude.

Additionally, when you use the boost and change the output of Out 2 (not using the inverse+sync option), the boost combines the two outputs into one remote. This is the same effect as if you were to wire a remote directly to each output. In this case, the amplitude does not need to be cut in half as there is no doubling of the power even when the boost is wired in.

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