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Hulda Clark's frequencies Presets from OUT1 & OUT2 for one to three persons zapping at the same time.

Hulda Clark's frequencies and parameters are as follows:

Contact Mode

30000 Hz
2500 Hz
1000 Hz - For Zappicator

9.5 Voltage amplitude
100% Positive Offset voltage
Square Wave
Duty Cycle 50%

Zapping program:

7 minutes zapping, 21 minutes break,
7 minutes zapping, 21 minutes break,
7 minutes zapping.

Other waveforms:


Understanding Different Wave Forms, Offsets and Harmonics

Contact Mode Set-Up For Hands And Feet - Outputs OUT1 & OUT2

Please refer to topic:
Contact Mode Set-Up For Hands And Feet - Outputs OUT1 & OUT2

Enabling Beeping Sound For Switching Over Between Persons

Tick "Enable Sound" under Advanced Menu tab to hear the beeping sound that indicates the start and end of each frequency session for switching over between persons.


Drink water before and after the zapping session.

Take some form of probiotics after zapping to restore the gut flora.

How To Make The Super Bravo (GcMAF) Probiotic Yogurt

Hulda Clark's Books & Videos

Hulda Clark's Frequencies Presets:

Download Hulda Clark Preset.zip and unzip the 27 preset files to the Presets subdirectory of Spooky2 Program Directory i.e. ~/Spooky2/Presets

For more details, please check the link:

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