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My dog has cataracts in both eyes, any help will be appreciated.

1. Are you using plasma or remotes? Can you make some colloidal silver?

We treated our cat with colloidal silver. Rinsed her eyes three times per day. After a few rinses she understood that it helped her, and patiently laid there while I rinsed her eyes with a dropper and gently moving the eyelids back. We also gave her CS in the drinking water. I tried running the plasma for it but I did not hit the right frequency. Since the CS was so effective I skipped the plasma altogether. Took about ten days for the eyes to clear, and we kept on for another week just to make sure.

If you can get a sample of liquid from the eyes, you could try putting the sample in the remote with a dog hair and run general healing frequencies on it. For example, immune system stimulation. Should be the same as Hulda Clark's plate zapping. Works really well.

2. Many use the same condition frequency for humans on their pets successfully.

3. I would find out what was in the vaccine and try to detox it with Spooky2 besides other things that people suggest here.

4. Vitamin d for auto immune issues. Chromium and vanadium and coconut oil for diabetes.

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