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Are there any suggestions for leukemia and lung cancer?

1. Is there a particular reason why you would want to try Spooky2 audio rather than using Spooky2 Central plasma?

In my opinion, the speaker may be more effective because you could run that at a much higher power level than the headphones. You need the plasma to get the penetration into the bone and being a stage III or stage IV cancer now isn't the time to experiment with other alternatives as time is of the essence.

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2. Homeopathy does work. I use it myself. Anyway, for cancer that is advanced the recommendation is always Plasma. There are two units that do Plasma. One is Spooky2 Central and the other is Spooky2 Plasma. The Central is more comprehensive in that it adds several methods of applying the Rife frequencies beyond Plasma. The other unit is just plasma and simpler to use. Anyway, Sharyn has experience using plasma successfully and can advise you on its actual use for cancer.

Vitamin C can help minimize the side-effects of chemo. It actually makes it more effective, so that chemo dose can be reduced. Ask the doctor about it. The best C is a lipolized one.

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