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Any suggestion for a chronic giardia parasite infection?

1. When you search for giardia in Spooky2, there are 18 frequency sets that show up. Just select JW - Killing (either remote or contact), and select one or more the the 18 giardia frequency sets.

2. To this I would suggest that you keep in mind the following facts, as you run your chosen frequencies:

All worms hate garlic. Therefore, eat lots of it if you can - I have even gone so far as to mix some garlic oil in w/ olive oil & massaged it onto the soles of my feet, then covering w/ socks.

Bromelain, in addition to being a very effective anti-inflammatory, (found abundantly in raw,fresh pineapple), is TOXIC to worms.

Pomegranates contain a substance which renders worms a bit 'senseless' & causes them to more readily let go of their grasp inside you.

If you are able to tolerate (doing some fasting, while running Spooky), but making sure to stay well-hydrated.

These 3 things would be good to consume; Ie;(modified fast). In one day (about 18 hours, actually), after fasting & eating nothing but pineapple; drinking nothing but water (to which fresh lemon was added), and straight POM juice; having a garlic-sandwich for lunch & again for supper.

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