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Contact Mode Set-Up For Hands And Feet - Outputs OUT1 & OUT2.

Here is one of the methods of setting up the contact mode for both hands and feet from outputs OUT1 & OUT2.


1. A large plastic basin that is large enough to accommodate both feet or two small plastic basins of sufficient size for each foot.

2. Two separate plastic sheets / shopping bags to prevent moisture and current flows between the Spooky tubes and creating a short circuit.

3. Paper towels for wrapping the Spooky tubes.

4. A Small plastic container of water to wet the paper towels, hands and toes only and the other parts of the feet should remain dry. The wet toes are to be placed over the top and along of the Spooky tubes.

5. Disinfectant such as Dettol to disinfect the equipment set-up, hands and feet before each session in order to prevent cross-contaminations and infections between persons.

6. Please refer to the diagrams below that show the two types of possible combinations of hands & feet with outputs OUT1& OUT2:

Hands & Feet - OUT1 & OUT2 Combinations

Left Side & Right Side - OUT1 & OUT2 Combinations

Contact Mode Set-Up For Hands And Feet From Outputs OUT1 & OUT2

Hands & Feet - OUT1 & OUT2 Combinations

Left Side & Right Side - OUT1 & OUT2 Combinations

Please check the PDF version in the attachment.

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