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What do we do when having pulse scan results?

1. When the scan ends, and shows the scan results, click on "save to database". A "Create Custom Frequency" page would surface.

2. Put a name i.e., VI-26-2016 scan - LS

3. You will see the frequencies entered in the frequency area/square.

4. If you wish, you can enter text at the additional notes.

5. Click on Save and Exit. Click yes, when it asks are you sure you want to save and exit.

6. Spooky 2 will reappear, click on "database", a drop-down menu will appear.

7. Click on refresh database. The whole database will disappear and then come back.

8. Go to channel data/preset area (gray area), click on down arrow, a drop down menu would appear.

9. Choose JW Preset Killing and choose the applicable mode (contact or remote) or
JW Papimi Killing and choose the applicable mode (contact or remote).

10. Go to frequency database, go to the very end where you should find your scan results, double click on this. You will see the scan's name in the channel data page.

11. Click on a pink (empty) channel button. This will launch your channel page (pink).

12. Double click on the top frequency.

13. Press start. The page will turn green.

For more information on the Papimi frequency:


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