Stage IV Lung Cancer metastasized to bones.

1. In my opinion of course the spooky treatment is a musts BUT meanwhile I think you can a do a lot.

The cancer final stage is not just BX virus it is as well huge inmunodreprimid guy then with parasite , fungus and low vital element and so forth.

Then for me the best strategy is:
Vitamin C pure 3 gr Each meal
Colloidal silver ( 1/2 glass 10ppm) twice a day away from meals
kefir ( excelen probiotic tu regultae frora ( it is where aour immune system home)
Inmunoestimulant like leaf oilve extract
Optimize thiroide function in particular T3 selenium and zinc ( in order to transform T4 in T3) and supplement if it is necessary ( normally does ) lugol solution 5 % to address typical low T3, a lot of water, Milk, refinated sugar, alcohol, carbo hydrates absolutely nothing. I mean forbidden ( sugar is food for cancer ) Raw food as much as as possible.

Then you can wait more comfortable to spooky in order to address BX or BY virus infection.

2. Liposomal Vit C can be the best way to take C as it is much greater absorption type:

3. My contribution in addition to all of the above.

I would consider all of the following options whilst waiting for your deliveries:

Nebulized Colloidal Silver (machine and water/liquid combination preparation)
Also, drink Colloidal Silver - maybe 3 half glasses per day.
Turmeric (encapsulated Double Doses minimum)
Vit B17 Apricot Kernels (encapsulated Double Doses)
Lipsomal Vit C (lots of it)
Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil (encapsulated Double Doses)
Youngs Essential Oils & Reference Book - Seriously consider Frankincense, Balsam Fir, Thieves, Thyme, Lavender, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, etc.

Most products available via

Probably the best cancer site on the internet:

For more details, please check the link:

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    Laniejoan is a great resource. In fact, that is why I ended up buying Spooky Central. My husband has lung cancer with mets to the ribs. The site recommended the Cellect-Budwig diet with a $4500 Rife machine available from a for profit company. Searching around I found Spooky Central and purchased the kit. Cellect alone is extremely powerful. It supplies all the nutrients necessary to change cellular DNA back to a normal state. Cancer and other illnesses are then corrected. I believe the 2 systems work together well-one on a molecular level and Spooky on the atomic level. The link for Cellect is and also There are also FB groups. My husband is doinf 8 scoops of the Cellect powder daily and whey shakes. We started with Spooky Central about 2 weeks ago. 

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