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Is it possible to "devitalize" CTC's or circulation tumor cells in the blood stream? Their size is rather large, 12-25 micrometer. What would be the optimal frequency waveform or spectrum to be able to modify CTC's?

What we do is vitalize the bloodcells and the immune system. This will in result weaken pathogens in whatever form even when they are called CTC's.

If you already know what cancer type you have then search the Spooky2 database. If you don't know you can try Spooky2 Pulse, however, I use the 8D-LRIS bioresonance health scanner to help identify what frequency sets to use to treat my issues. Running Immune System Stimulation and general inflammation sets will also be beneficial. I also use vitamin supplements and brew my own tumeric, ginger & lemon tea. I also use the Budwig protocol.

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