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Colloidal silver enters blood by gargling in mouth. Does these colloidal silver nano particles cause destruction of blood cells plus pathogens?

There are many opinions using, making, drinking colloidal silver and they vary as far as the east is from the west.

Have read someone online drink a quart a day for 20 years (crazy and do not suggest it) to drinking only a teaspoon a day. When I started, I tried to drink 3 ounces a day but like you got diarrhea.

I read it would kill only bad bacteria, feed good bacteria. One place said the stomach has so much salt that once mixed with CS it is no longer CS. Can't remember what it becomes. Maybe sodium chlorite?

Now, I occasionally will ingest a "swig" or tablespoon but I am not consistent. I use CS for eyes, sinuses, poison oak, ivy, cuts, natural deodorant, anti-fungus (which worked better than any store bought product), can spray on armpits of shirts, soles of shoes as odor remedy.

Plants love it. Excellent surface germ destroyer.

Dog's eyes, ear, stinky face cleaner and am now using it for dogs teeth to cut down on plague buildup. Also, put in dogs water and have not noticed any diarrhea. Has not destroyed their gut bacteria.

Hope this gives some ideas of its benefits.
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