How to start Rifing with Spooky2 on a shoestring budget? Is Spooky2 Starter's kit enough?

1. We generally recommend our first time users to buy one of our Spooky2 Kits to get the full experience of Spooky2 rife system.

2. Here's what I recommend for low budget:
Spooky2-XM Generator Remote Kit
TENS Cable and one of (or both)
TENS pads
Stainless Steel Hand Cylinders
Spooky Pulse (I like the ear clip option).

This cost $277 + shipping

3. I think you need a detox on your body first to help remove toxins. If you have a limit budget, I would recommend to start with a XM remote kit which is 171.5USD. Run programs in the database for parasites and bowel issues or those presets from Morgellons and Lyme protocol. You can add more devices in the future. To target Lyme and cancer, one generator is not enough. It is better to start with a kit with two generators like the essential kit.

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