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Why the generator will only switch on one channel and the modulation light will not light in the central?

If you removed the mains power supply cable when switched on this sometimes used to blow the USB to Serial chip, which may be replaceable.

John has put my favorite utility USBview.exe in Spooky2 from April.
In the Utils menu select Identify USB Devices, OK if you have XMs running.

Expand the window and look at your Silabs items. You should have one for each generator with USB connected in even if not powered.

Select one and you get a lot of detail in the right-hand screen. Scroll down to "Configuration Descriptor", where you will see an entry "bmAttributes" If this shows 0x80 (bus-powered Self Powered) Then the serial board will not blow, but if you have 0xC0, then this value should be changed.

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