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My mother has brain tumor. Can I do all the programs By Phase I – Terrain one after another or should I wait before I start the next one?

I'd try Brain Tumor Astrocytoma BIO once first. This contains a single frequency and runs for three minutes. Your mother's head should make contact with the plasma tube. SC Contact Mode should be used with TENS pads on top of each shoulder, near the base of the neck. Ultrasonic can be applied over the tumor site (if known), between the eyebrows, or against one closed eyelid.

Make sure that detox is running on the second generator. Watch for signs of any problems, engage your mother in conversation, and give her some simple motor tasks to do with her hands so you can see if ability and behavior is what you'd expect.

If you try this early in the day and there are no problems, don't be tempted to do it again later in the day - run something else and leave it for the following day, then try two three-minute sessions, one early, one late. If there are still no problems, you can move to multiple sessions each day, and to trying longer sets.

But the key to success is close monitoring. Once the tumor starts to shrink, you can then relax your vigilance a little. And don't neglect the built-in JW-Cancer Presets, but leave the long overnight sweep for now.

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