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Has anyone done the Morgellons or Lyme protocol on a cat and/or dog?

They are spraying where I live with chemtrails and or lyme spores and even though I am rifing my cat magic for fleas and ticks and I rarely find any on him.  

I scanned him with usb 1000x microscope last night. I found a tiny little tick could barely see with my eyes. This tick is blown up like 1000x's anyway mr. Tick is now in black top remote with JW - Killing and Spooky spectrum sweep frequencies and my scan also revealed lots of black specks.

I am not sure what these black specks are. Yes I think my cat may be a Morgellons candidate soon though he sleeps on me and I do plasma on him every night. His previous owner had him on gmo purina cat food, now on organics and distilled 00.00 fiber Morgellons fiber free water.

I am going to make spooky2 colloidal silver soon and will be putting CS drops in his eyes and give drops to him also via mouth to fight possible morgellons/lyme, infection sets. Yes one has to be proactive with lyme/morgellons. Hopefully soon this private corporation spraying unsuspecting world populations will stop.

Magic plasma & ultra-sound

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