What is the best JW preset to use either the "Spooky Converge Sweep" or "Spooky Spectrum Sweep" if my intention is to treat as many pathogens at the same time as possible? I want to run for shorter time frames and manage die-off in stages.

These Spectrum sweeps were designed to be used in Remote Mode, so patients don't need to be present in clinics. If you're using plasma to deliver them, please note that you MUST set up for Plasma Mode as shown on page 56. These are the settings loaded when you select JW-Spooky Central Preset from the Preset Program Menu.

Load the Spooky Spectrum Sweep. Change the waveform from sine to square - this is vital because plasma only works with square waves. Check that amplitude is set to 5. Short of making the sweeps you need myself, I cannot tell if they could meet your criteria. But certainly worth trying yourself.

See the Spooky2_User's_Guide_17032016, pages 118 and 119.

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