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If runing Remote with father's DNA, would that affect kids?

There are two things to consider here.

One, will the remote treatment have any effect on the kids (which is a theorized possibility given shared DNA) as a whole. My personal experience is that my daughter and Mom did not have any effect from treatments to myself. I had to add them to the remotes to start seeing any effects.

While everyone is different, I have read accounts of those who did observe effects on family members.

So then, the second aspect that has to be looked at is, what does the frequency resonate with. A frequency that does not have a resonance will not have an effect.

Meaning, if you are targeting a pathogen on your husband, and the children do not have this pathogen, then there will be no effect.

If they have the pathogen too, then this could be a good thing if they are affected as you probably do not want them to be with the pathogen that is afflicting your husband.

This is also of course highly dependent on whether you are running a frequency that actually resonates with the pathogen.

The only time I would be concerned and monitor your kids even closer, is if you are running frequencies that will resonate with the body. Detox sets, organ normalize, etc... are the kinds I'm referring to here. The above won't cause issue or harm even if they do have an effect, and like I said I could not elicit a response from my family by running these on myself alone.

A good example of the type you want to be careful with would be the type like diabetes 2 set. Since this set affects the body's blood sugar levels, there could be an effect on the children.

I hope this gives you the information you need to make a decision.

From my personal experience, your kids will be ok as you treat your husband. Just keep an eye out for any changes and keep a log. This will allow you to evaluate whether the treatment to your husband may be a factor.

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