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I am currently running the Chemtrail frequencies with JW healing remote, feeling some drainage and good responses, but am wondering if anyone has a highly recommended protocol they use, for detox etc.?

Most are probably, like me, just running frequency sets of their choosing that match the search term Chemtrail.

I personally have used the following sets using a standard square wave.

Detox Chemtrail 1 (XTRA)
Detox Chemtrail 2 (XTRA)
Detox Chemtrail 3 (XTRA)
Chemical Spray-Related Illness (XTRA)

I don't have a particularly custom setup for these, and actually I have only ran them using the SC (JW - Spooky Central Low Frequencies/Beat Frequency Preset). They should work well under remote or contact as well.

Whenever anyone starts having breathing issues coupled with less than beautiful clear skies, I run it once and the issues are usually resolved. Usually well under an hour into the 2 Hr, 20 Min program (SC removes duplicate frequencies and I have the dwell multiplier set to 1.6667).

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