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How can I treat Toothache?

1. I scalded my upper gums and palate last month and nothing I did worked and it got infected. The only thing that worked was the SC-plasma. I treated using gum infection frequencies and put the plasma over my mouth and cheek. In less than 5 minutes all pain was gone and when I pushed that area with my tongue no pain at all. Totally healed.

2.My strategy was to rife these frequencies ie 'dental infection, dental foci, dental infection' etc... and go back and forth from white top remote and black top remote, go back and forth. Another strategy I used was clicking on all the relevant "dental" frequencies and looping those, going back and forth white top and black top remote while drinking gallon distilled water per 24 hours. I also found spraying Spooky2 colloidal silver ie spray in mouth to kill infection, germs, bacteria also helps and if can also do plasma all the better.

3. Had severe toothache upper left Molar. Tried tea tree oil which helped some, then ran Dental General (CAFL), Dental General (XTRA) and Fungus Foot and General 1 (all in the database) in addition as I had recently read about that. Finally fell asleep and woke up next Morning without Toothache which did not return. I did keep it running about five days to make sure!

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4. I have used the PEMF coil successfully for toothache in the past.

5. Try making some colloidal silver.
Tens pads are not recommended for use above the neckline.
Spooky2 has many freqs for dental issue. The is a ready to go preset for dental health by JK called Overall Dental Health. Research for ways to detox out the mercury. It is doable.

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    Jerrold Nowacki

    The mouth has a bio field similar to the gut. When you keep KILLING bacteria you are killing the good and bad. There is a toothpaste called REVITIN that reestablishes the BALANCE in the mouth. I used this toothpaste for two months and it stopped a tooth and related sinus infection I was fighting for 18 years !!!!!! There is no other product like this. Check it out !

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