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How to create your own long running presets.

My experiences with creating long running presets is that it can be quite time consuming to create one, as I found when creating a long running Cancer set or the Terrain Protocol. To help people with creating a long running preset, I've created a tool that does most of the hard parts of creating the preset. The tool does not create the preset itself, as the preset file is a Spooky2 proprietary format. However, the tool creates a .csv file that contains all the frequency sets you will need to implement long running presets.

To install the tool, download the zip file below, an extract the contents of the zip file onto your hard drive. Then double-click longpreset.html to get the tool.

Here it the tool when you first run it.

Here is the search dialog.

The zip file contains an example data file, Example-Data-File-For-Terrain-Protocol.txt, that has the entire Terrain Protocol . Use the Browse button on the tool to load this data file and you will have the makings of the Terrain protocol which you can lengthen the times of a particular set or introduce pauses.

The tool has extensive documentation. Click on the Help link to get the documentation. Included in the documentation is a tutorial.

For more details, please check the link:

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