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If I select the preset for sinuses for example, will I get different result if I selected JW killing for sinuses?

Presets are a way to store settings so as to save-time having to enter in details each time. There are a few different usages possible;

1. There are some recommended presets that come from John White (JW) and these are the ones that you should use whilst learning the system. You select the preset, and then you select the frequency set(s) that you want to run.

2. If you find that you want to use different settings (waveforms, amplitudes or other program options) then you can make your own preset and give it a name. (eg. BK healing) As before you can then use this preset and select frequency set(s) that you want to run.

3. If you want to save both program-option settings and the frequency sets that you want to run; then you can create a preset and name it. (eg. Sinus Headache). You can just load this preset and press start; as there is no need to load the frequency sets.

The results you get will depend on the program options and the frequency sets that you run.

Hope that helps explain it - please also see April 1 manual page 57 onwards that talks about the program options.

For more details, please check the link:

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