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With Spooky2 Central and plasma tube, what is approximately the rise time? How can we improve it?

Why is a faster rise time for plasma operation important to you?

My understanding is that the better the matching of the impedance between the plasma tube and the output of the driving amplifier will cause less ringing in the leading and falling edges of the applied waveform. The difficulty is that as the frequency of the waveform changes this will change the impedance matching, so a compromise has to be made on how the impedance matching device is tuned for the range of frequencies that you want to cover. There are other factors that need to be considered also such as the dynamic behavior of the plasma tube and the dynamic behavior of the driving amplifier over the required frequency range of operation. John White will be able to answer your question about the characteristics of the Spooky2 Central plasma unit as he engineered this device.

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