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How to achieve pulsed 10 Hz?

I would create a set with 10Hz as the frequency, and then I would use Square waveform, 100% Offset to avoid the negative part of the waveform, and finally would use a 5% Duty cycle. With these settings, you'll get a pulse of 5 milliseconds ten times per second. You can modify the duty cycle to enlarge or reduce the duration of the pulse.

If you use a DC of 10% instead, you'll get a pulse duration of 10 milliseconds, etc.

Here is another way to do a short pulse. Copy Pulse.csv to your C:\Spooky2\Waveforms folder. Restart Spooky2, and choose Pulse as your Out1 waveform. Then choose a 10Hz frequency set (say like Alertness Increase).

At 10Hz, this will create a 97.66 microsecond (or 97,656 nanosecond) pulse.
Please check the attachment.

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