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There is much talk on the emotional code and blocking out healing. Could anyone please share what sets they used to do a release with Spooky2? Also, findings and settings.

If you can use a pendulum or muscle test you can find out which part of the body is involved: Is it in my head? Is it in my shoulders etc. You can then run emotional release and a healing program for that area.

Also, run Kundalini which has song of the spine and Chakra balancing. This will work the Governing Meridian which runs from the tip of the nose, over the head and down the spine.

Sets: In the search bar, type in 'emotional'. I would do:
Balancing of the body,
Balance 1 EXTRA,
Emotional Pattern Break,
Emotional Pattern Release,
Emotional Ties to Diseases,
Emotional Trauma Balance.
List of essential oils.
Planetary influences related to organs.

After running these (on different generators), I'd run the Solfeggio Frequencies.

You have to do the release protocols before moving to healing. Emotional pattern break, emotional pattern release and emotional ties to disease all should be done first.

Then work out which areas of the body stored the emotions (or do that before you even start) and work out which healing protocols to use. You can include essential oils and planetary healing.

Finish with balancing. Once that's all done, run Solfeggio Frequencies - they raise the body's frequencies.

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