My 4 littles got the 'munge' first. Wasn't too bad. Two days of a fever, a bit of a headache, runny nose, aches/pains, more coughing/sneezing and cough. My older 4 got it. One had a fever for 6 days, and was starting to get dehydrated.

When my husband fell ill, I used the attached protocol which made him recover very fast, although he suffered a bit of relapse because he thought he was fully recovered the next day and offered to drive me out of town. He recovered pretty fast by the next day. Made him stay in bed til next day and made him stay home and rest for four days. He continued with the CS treatments and blood cleansing for another week to make sure all is gone.

Attached is the "how to" of the mentioned protocol. Please bear in mind I am not prescribing, but just sharing what I used successfully for an adult of 60+ years. If you decide to use it, it would be at your own risk.

For more details, please check the link:

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