How many Spooky2 Remotes can I hook up to one generator? Can I connect two at the same time?

Depending on the use it is the obvious two outputs that can be used, which would allow for two remotes directly. Some uses need both channels via a Spooky2 Boost cable, so then you are stuck with one Remote only per generator.

If you use BNC splitters you might be able to attach more, but the power will be split up and by that making the Spooky2 Remote units rather inefficient.

So, the only way to really add more remotes would be to use an amplifier, which for the audio frequency could even be a simple audio amplifier if you get yourself some BNC adapters ready. Careful though, the Spooky remote units surely are not able to handle uberly much power, so you better know what you are doing when using an amplifier or drop the Remote units and use powerful self-made scalar antennas (into which you can apply DNA pieces too) like I do.

For more details, please check the link:

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