Whether the software developer would consider an android version of the spooky2 software?

I understand your wishes for Android, and from a user perspective this is very desirable. I will now put on the software developer hat and try to explain why this is not so easy as it sounds.

The Spooky2 software requires a number of program libraries, both for waveform generation, graphical display, USB communication and communication with the UDB's or XM's themselves. These libraries are Windows specific. Getting Spooky2 to work on other platforms requires a lot of programming and testing. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of man-hours. So if you can choose, which is more important: new features and developments, or new platforms? We cannot have both.

Supporting one platform itself is a big task. It sounds trivial, but I can assure you, it is far from it. The software development for Spooky is unfortunately done by one guy only, in an ideal world it would be a whole team, but since this is done mostly on a volunteer basis, we cannot expect miracles, even though we are getting them on a regular basis.

Adding more software versions (Mac, Linux, Android) will open up a few Pandora's boxes of possible problems. One thing is to compile and debug every new software version for every platform, a huge task in itself. Another huge thing is supporting it, and make sure it works across all possible combinations of software and hardware versions. That is a nightmare I personally never ever would take on. Not for a million dollars.

I think your best bet is to try and find other solutions. Many people here, including myself, use VirtualBox, Parallels, VMWare and other ways of running Spooky on their selected platforms.

Yes, mobility would be nice, but if you are already dragging the XM around, a small laptop is not a lot more. The Acer line of tiny netbooks can be bought second hand very cheap, they are more than powerful enough. Throw in a new SSD hard drive and some memory, and you have a small, lightweight mobile solution that is available today.

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