What is the frequency Range of Plasma Bulbs?

The minimum specifications for the Plasma Tube wired to Spooky2 Central are as follows:

High voltage output (RMS): 543v
High voltage (peak): 9315v
Plasma tube power (max): 40W
Frequency range: 100 kHz – 3.5 MHz*
*Minimum specification. Dependent on cable length, layout, and tube type.

The above is with a direct frequency to the input, not relying on modulation.

With that said, I can get my tube to light from 29.5 kHz all the way up to 3.8 MHz. Past 3.8 MHz, the tube will still light, but not as strong -- all the way to 5 MHz. Another who tested his tube found it lit from about 30 kHz and stayed lit till 4.2 MHz.

The frequency response changes when I add modulation to the input frequency.

It is theoretically possible to generate past 3.5 MHz with the correct modulation of a high frequency input.

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