How to move old Spooky2 database, settings, waveforms to new laptop?

The easy way is to copy the entire Spooky2 folder and run the Spooky2 installation again. What I do is a more surgical approach when moving to a new computer.

Copy C:\Spooky2\custom.csv to the new computer
Copy my custom waveforms from C:\Spooky2\Waveforms\
Copy my custom presets from C:\Spooky2\Presets\ (or for older versions of Spooky2, C:\Spooky2\Users\ goes into the new Presets folder)

This covers the stuff I use, so it is not complete. There are other folders that contain modified settings, like C:\Spooky2\Data\ or C:\Spooky2\ScanData, but I don't bother with these.

For more details, please check the link:

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