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Dwell Multiplier for Morgellans Protocol is .35. Why not 1?

The default dwell of most frequency sets is 180 seconds. .35 of this is just over a minute.

With that said, the default dwell of some detox protocols is 78 seconds. Using .35 does reduce this to about 27 seconds.

I have found those detox sets to work well using the .35 multiplier. I have also found them to work well with a dwell multiplier of 1.

Looking at Mercury Toxicity V, it has a default dwell of 300. So with .35, you are running this for 105 seconds.

So I guess the question is not so much whether the Morgellons protocol follows the rule you have stated, but whether you are ok with the few sets that do not.

Many have used it as depicted with the dwell multiplier of .35 with results. Remember this is not contact mode where you are just running the frequency once. You are going to repeat it 120 times over the one run. Remotes work differently than contact.

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