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I bought a fifth generator with the intention of using it to kill the Morgellons insect in my house. They were very fine black fibers. What setting would I use?

To my knowledge, there's no "Morgellons insect." The disease alters your body chemistry in such a way as to allow small insects to invade and live in the skin that wouldn't normally be able to. It also allows microscopic plants to grow in the skin, as well as certain fungi, moulds, and other lifeforms you wouldn't normally expect to find in the human body.

But even this scenario is complicated. Medical "science" today asserts that slime moulds cannot live in the body, and dismisses such reports as delusional (the usual get-out clause). However, I'm aware of one person who has spoken to a number of pathologists who used to work in the grain belt and other agricultural regions. These men and women described finding slime mould infestations in cadavers which doctors had diagnosed as cancers. Treatment for this then killed the patients. But the knowledge that slime moulds could live in humans never made it into medical textbooks, nor was it ever researched, except most likely by the black labs.

I've never experienced the environmental contamination you describe, although I CAN see the individual fibres drifting in the air currents in the sunlight through my windows, but these are nowhere near as numerous today as they used to be. However, it would certainly be worthwhile collecting some of this gunk, putting it into a specimen tape in a Remote, and running the Spooky Spectrum Sweep non-stop for 7-10 days to see if that makes a difference.

If this material is a transporter for pathogens, they will be killed. But if it isn't, and there's no DNA involved, it may have zero effect. But it's certainly worth a shot.

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    Sharon Mortensen

    i m not going to post my history, but it has been discovered by somehouston physicians that bird mites or some kind of tiny mite is causing all this disruption after having it for years. Use kill-environment-bird mites and watch what happens. Cheers

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