Blastocystis Hominis seems to be quite difficult to remove by natural or unnatural means. Has anybody successfully eradicated this? If so how did you do it?

Certain herbs have been found to be effective against it.
These can be taken together as one treatment for 14 days:

Black Walnut, 300mg, 3 caps, 3x day or Tincture: 2 tsp 3x day
Wormwood, 500mg, 4 caps, 4x day
Cloves, 300 mg, 3 caps 3x day
Oil of Oregano, 5 drops in veg caps, 3x day
Olive leaf extract 350mg 2 caps 3x day -

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I would also try MMS / chlordioxid. 1-3 Drops in water, 4x day

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