Are there any changes possible in Central presets or it strictly forbidden? (Like 11 effect, wobbles etc.)

If you are not able to first get the tube running under the current operating guidelines, why are you trying hard to modify it? Stop, take a step back, and stick to a protocol and the operating guidelines.

Once you have a solid baseline to work from, then feel free to explore other options.

I'm seriously concerned that your lack of results is due to a few issues:

1. Lack of being able to complete a proper treatment time. Your plasma goes offline often and knocks your remote generators offline as well. If I was having to restart my rig all the time, I would expect efficacy to drop.

2. Constantly tweaking the protocols, these protocols take time. A week via contact and 120 loops via remote at a minimum for most things. If you do not stick to something, how is it going to have an effect?

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