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What is the essential first step for Spooky2 users? Is it to run the Terrain Detox Protocols?

1. Yes, please check the link:

2. Prepares your body for what's to come.

3. There are those that say Terrain Protocol was too strong. If you would like a more gradual build-up and get used to the frequencies, the pathway is: Preset / Detox / Remote / Detox Maintenance is an excellent choice. Some say this should be the first program to run. Run for ever how long you feel is necessary.

4. The Terrain protocol prepares the Terrain in your body to be more available or receptive to further Rife treatments. This protocol was developed by Johann Stegmann, based on his experience of treating people using Spooky2 with their chronic disease. He found that people responded better to Rife treatment when common toxins and parasites eliminated beforehand. You could see the details in >Detox>GUIDE Terrain Protocol - Click Me.pdf in the Presets tab.

For more details, please check the link:

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