What are the functions of these images of steps 1 to 18 in Spooky2-XM generator page?

This is what is done at the factory to calibrate the generators. It is just a pictorial representation of the 18 steps that are performed to ensure that when the generator says it's outputting a 100kHz sine wave at 10v, that the oscilloscope also agrees.

Then the generators are aged for 6 - 12 hours to ensure there are no break in issues.

Then the generator is checked that the USB communications chips are working and Spooky2 can communicate with the generator as part of quality control.

Finally, a six step calibration test is redone to ensure the generator did not drift from its initial calibration.

We have deleted these photos from Spooky2-xm generator page to avoid confusion.

For more details, please check the link:

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