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What is the purpose of the Spooky2 Central?

The small blue box (XM) is the frequency generator and can generate frequencies from 0.00001 Hz to 25 MHz (software extends the hard limit upwards from 5 MHz) with up to 40v peak to peak output. This is enough power to drive contact and remote modes directly.

To drive a plasma tube, you need upwards of 500v. The Spooky2 Central provides between 543v (RMS) to 9315v to drive the tube.

The big box (Spooky2 Central) is the amplifier that takes the frequencies generated by the XM generator and makes it suitable for a plasma tube.

Additionally, it also provides ancillary outputs to assist the plasma tube - Ultrasonic (variable frequency, two modes), Modified Contact (fixed frequency - provides true cell electroporation), and PEFM (fixed frequency).

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